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Why you need to hire a wedding coordinator!

Well hello there, and congrats on your engagement! So you have done some research and are looking at possibly hiring a wedding coordinator. Well let me just say after having my wedding I HIGHLY recommend hiring one! (And I am not just saying that because I am one). So before I shed some light on why you should hire a wedding coordinator I am going to tell you my wedding day experience.

My wonderful chaotic wedding day.

All brides hope their wedding day runs smoothly but sometimes that isn't always the case. It seems like there is always something whether minor or huge that happens. Well on my wedding day although many of the guests didn't/or wouldn't have noticed I definitely noticed. So lets start from the beginning. I made a timeline and gave it too not only my vendors but literally everyone in my wedding. My videographer was an hour late and wouldn't answer the phone so I for sure thought he scammed me and wasn't showing up. The caterer the whole time from when hired him never answered his phone so we were just so thankful he showed up that day. I asked my bridesmaids (and if anyone of them are reading this I love you all but that day you drove me crazy) to be ready by 1pm meaning hair and makeup done and dresses on. And only three of the seven listened (insert eyeroll). I didn't want to go bridezilla on them so when they finally all decided to get their dresses on well a big problem occurred. My maid of honor and one of the bridesmaids dresses that were altered that week got mixed up. And at that point I was so stressed out that I needed to leave the room and get some air. My husbands grandma was able to fix the problem, but I didn't get bridesmaids pictures like I wanted too. I left my vows in my hotel room so I had to rewrite them as people where taking their seats for the ceremony to begin. I also forgot my handmade veil so I didn't get to wear one. After the head table had finished eating and me and my husband were mingling we told the DJ to call us up for the first dance.... well he didn't and we couldn't get away from family members to talk with him, so that didn't start for almost an hour and a half after dinner. Then all the dances and activities happened one after another. Basically all the things I noticed made me upset (and want to become a wedding coordinator to help other brides) but I'm pretty sure my guests had no idea. However I thought I could save some money and not hire a wedding coordinator and be my own for that day but I just couldn't make it happen because I was the bride.

What is a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is a professional person who is there with you the day of your wedding and act as your personal assistant... to an extent. I cannot speak for all wedding coordinators out there but here at Lavender & Lace Weddings we meet with you a month before your wedding to get all the details about your wedding. We really want to know everything about that day. We are also there the day of your wedding rehearsal/dinner. As we want to put a face to the names and make sure we know what is going on for your big day. When it comes to your wedding day we are there for you pretty much right after you wake up. We will do pretty much anything for you so that way you and your wedding party can just relax and enjoy the day. This can include; setting up your ceremony, setting up the reception, running any "errands" you may need, making sure you eat and drink, checking in on the guys, talking with vendors so you don't have too, instructing your wedding party down the aisle, communicating with vendors some more, making sure we stick to your timeline and so much more. Basically to sum all of it up we will make sure your day runs smoothly so that way you can relax and not have to worry about anything but getting married.

Why you need to hire a wedding coordinator.

So if you are still on the fence about hiring a coordinator here are some reasons why you definitely should hire one!

1. You don't want to work on your wedding day.

When it comes to your wedding day do you really want to be the one who is running around making sure the cake is in the right place, or your bridesmaids are dressed on time or running to the venue that morning to up the center pieces? Truly as someone who did it herself I will tell you trust me, you don't! Your wedding day will go by so fast as it is that you should enjoy the moment and not have to worry about anything else but getting married. I have had many people tell me that they will "just have their mothers do it". And even though I am sure your mother would love to do that for you, this is a very special day for her too, as she is either watching her daughter or son get married and gaining either a daughter or son as well. So I know from hearing mothers say it before, they really appreciate having a wedding coordinator there so they can enjoy the day with their child that is getting married and not having to worry about anything.

2. Creating a wedding timeline is difficult.

Creating a wedding timeline is really an art itself because every wedding is different. If you have never tried to create a timeline before it could be very challenging trying to make sure you not only remember everything but that you can stick to it as well. That is why hiring a wedding coordinator is key because we make sure everyone is sticking to the timeline or darn near close to it.!

3. You need someone to coordinate your ceremony.

When it comes to the ceremony it should be one of the easier things to "keep track of". However we have heard horror stories, whether it be the groom is late, the father of the bride is already a bit tipsy or a bridesmaid dress has ripped. Whatever may or could happen we are on it! Not only are we there to make sure nothing like that happens but we are there also to make sure everyone is seated and your wedding party walks down just at the right time.

4. You also need someone to coordinate the reception.

Just like the ceremony we are also there for your reception. We will make sure that all of your vendors are following the schedule, getting your flats when your feet start hurting, finding your missing great aunt for pictures or even calming down a rowdy guest. We will even take your cards and gifts to the car you told us too or back up to your hotel room so they are secure and safe! Either way we are with you pretty much the whole night making sure everything comes together.

Well there you have it the reasons why you need to hire a wedding coordinator! If you are anywhere in the beautiful state of Michigan looking for a wedding coordinator look no further! We would love to help you with your day just head over to our contract page and fill out the contact form. We look forward to chatting with you.



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