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Should I hire a wedding planner?

If you are a bride reading this, first of all congrats on your engagement! Now that your engaged it's time to start wedding planning. To some wedding planning comes as a breeze, but to others it is a confusing and stressful battle that lies ahead. If you are reading this post you must be asking yourself the question should you hire a wedding planner? I hope with this post I can answer that question!

What is a wedding planner?

Before I jump in on why you should hire a wedding planner let's talk about what a wedding planner is and what they do. A wedding planner is a professional who assists bride and groom with the design, planning and managing of their wedding. At Lavender & Lace Weddings we offer two different wedding planning services. Full and partial wedding planning. With a full wedding planning package we are with you from start to finish. We will assist you with things such as wedding design and style, picking out a venue and vendors, sending out your invites and tracking RSVP's and coordinating your wedding day and so much more. With the partial wedding planning package we require you at least have a venue already picked out and some or all of your vendors hired, and we basically take over and help you with the last few things before your wedding and of course coordinating the day of. Some wedding planners do more than others. When you are looking at different wedding planners it is key to ask what each package includes and then comparing their prices.

So why should you hire a wedding planner?

When you think of planning your wedding do you automatically become a little confused and somewhat stressed out? Then hiring a wedding planner might be the best option for you. If you are still on the fence and need some reassurance here are my top 10 reasons on why you should hire a wedding planner.

1. Having friends and family helping you plan your wedding is not the same.

Although your friends and family play a very important role in your wedding they are not the same as actually hiring a wedding planner. Have you ever watched Bridezilla's? Basically its a TV show showcasing multiple.... well bridezillas in all their glory. Although I love watching the show I feel like some of it has to be just for the show. Anyways, a lot of the brides in the show "hired" their family or friends to be their wedding planners. And let me be the first to say it didn't go very well. Either because the "planner" didn't know what they were getting themselves into, they had no idea what to do or because they had their own opinions on how the wedding should be. No matter what family or friend you bring on to help you with your wedding they will give you their honest (sometimes not very nice or helpful) opinion. When you hire a professional wedding planner they are completely nonbiased. We truly understand this is YOUR and YOUR fiancé's wedding and we want to make it the most memorable time for you.

2. You need to hire vendors that you can trust!

Hiring vendors is a very crucial part of the wedding planning. You can search wedding photographers for days but I can almost promise you, in your searches you will not be able to tell if the person is reliable or taking advantage of you. Wedding planners have the inside scoop on these types of things. We heard all the good and the bad things about vendors and we also know a good deal when we see one. Or when someone is simply charging too much for their services. A good wedding planner will have a preferred vendors list, so when you hire them and set budgets for each category they will give you vendors they know you can trust and get the best services from.

3. A venue planner/coordinator is very different from a wedding planner/coordinator.

Depending on the venue you and your fiancé pick they may come with a venue planner or venue coordinator. So your first thought might be "great we don't need to hire a wedding planner or coordinator"! Venue planners are your main contact for the venue. They are valuable, however their job is not to take care of your wedding needs but to represent the interests of the venue. A venue coordinator typically is only with you where your reception is taking place. They also are only really there to make sure the venue itself is managed and safe. They will defiantly step in when a guest is being too rowdy but they more than likely will not run back to your hotel room to grab your lipstick for a touch up. If you have your ceremony at another location they WILL NOT be there to help you, because they are only responsible for the venue location. And if you think they will come to help and assist you at the place your getting ready at, think again. But if you hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator they will be with you the day before your wedding, when you wake up, when you get ready, during your ceremony and pretty much the entire wedding reception.

4. You will need some help figuring out a budget.

If you have never done something before how can you expect how to know budget for it? Weddings are the same way. Whether you have a small intimate wedding or invite everyone you know. Wedding planners know how to set budgets for any wedding, know the right vendors within the budget and how to stick to the budget.

5. Do you have time to plan a wedding?

Planning an average wedding takes 250 hours! Yes you read that right two hundred and fifty hours. If both you and you fiancé work full time jobs when would you have time to research, call and email vendors? Not every couple has the energy or time to do this after work and on your days off wouldn't you want to spend it another way? Many vendors have similar hours to the time you may work. Which is why hiring a wedding planner would be ideal because they work during the same daytime hours to call back and email the vendors needed.

6. We can sometimes get you a discount or better quote with a vendor.

Not always, but sometimes we can get you a better quote or discount with a vendor because we are repeat business. We really hope you won't be! That is why we have a list of preferred venders, because when we give you our list that vendor can keep getting business. So often times they will give us a cheaper quote or even a discount. If you ask the same vendor they will more than likely give you the full price.

7. You don't really know where to start.

Don't think you are the only one because you are not! There are a handful of brides who may know what style they like but have no idea how to achieve what they want or where to start or who to call. When you hire Lavender & Lace Weddings we make a very detailed checklist of what you need to do and "when" and make sure you stay on track with the checklist.

8. You get easily stressed.

If you get easily stressed and the thought of planning your wedding is already stressing you out I would consider hiring a wedding planner. Although we cannot take away all of the stress that come with planning a wedding we can take away most of it. And when you become stressed we are there as your outlet to talk to and hopefully figure out a solution to make you less stressed. After all this time should be fun and not stressful.

9. You need someone you can talk to about the wedding. I say this because I'm 99% sure I did it and I'm 99% sure everyone hated it, but I would ALWAYS talk about the wedding. I mean how could I not? I was so excited my husband poped the question and I was so excited to marry him! Anyways I felt that when someone would ask about the wedding or how the planning was going I would talk their ear off. I also felt many people getting sick of me talking about my wedding, and although a wedding planner is not there to talk to you about your wedding 24/7 when you do talk to them its all about your wedding and what you guys want.

10. Wedding planners know what they are doing! Last but certainly not least wedding planners know what they are doing. They are in the wedding industry, we know the standards and everything. We know who is giving you the best deal for what your paying, who is charging way too much. We know all the different type of weddings and styles and we know how to achieve them. But most of all we know how to listen to what both you and your fiancé want and how to make the wedding of your dreams happen.

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be stressful or hard. We look forward to helping you create your dream wedding. We offer free consultations, so please head over to our contact page and fill out the contact form! We look forward to chatting with you.



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