About Lavender & Lace Weddings

Lavender & Lace Weddings is committed to providing our bridal couples with the stress-free wedding of their dreams. Our mission is to provide couples with the best products and services from the best wedding vendors and to work within their budget.

Megan Nickerson

Owner | Lead Planner | Coordinator | Officiant

Like most young girls, I would fantasize about my wedding. What my dream dress would look like, the color of the bridesmaids dresses, what the ballroom would look like and tons more! However, my actual wedding was MUCH different than my seven year old self's wedding. Regardless, it was such a beautiful, unforgettable day. I was the DIY bride on a budget. Anything you could think about doing yourself, I did it. I made my own wedding stationaries, flowers & centerpieces, guestbook and I even added thousands of Swarovski crystals and pearls onto my lace detailed dress. That is the kind of person I am; an organized, detail-oriented, budget savvy individual. 
In my spare time, I love to relax, spend time with my husband and daughters, go wine tasting with friends, and go rock picking on the shores of Northern Michigan. 


Why I became a Wedding Planner

My wedding is one of the main reasons I wanted to become a wedding planner and day of coordinator. I love the process of planning weddings and working with people on one of the most important and monumental days of their lives. I really take the time to listen to what my clients are looking for and desire by bringing the very best experts in each of their fields to execute and deliver what the couple wants, within their budget and all while taking away the stress of planning a wedding. 
Come the day of my clients wedding I am your point of contact for you, vendors and guests. I am a body mover. Meaning that I move people throughout the day to ensure flow and timeline management. I am a detail checker, I make sure all the details that you want are doubled checked that way when your guests show up everything is perfect and exactly how you envisioned it to be. I am a timing manager, I put together a timeline ahead of time and send it out to all the vendors. I also make sure that the timeline is running on time or close to it to ensure event flow. I am a body buffer making sure the bride and groom make it from point A to point B as efficiently and politely as possible. I am a gift getter I will make sure all the gifts and cards go from the table to the designated car or hotel room that you have requested so they are safe and secure. I am a rule enforcer I will step in if a vendor isn't preforming the list of duties that they have been hired to do. I am a "firefighter" I see an issue arise and come up with a quick plan and address it as quickly as possible. I am a detail setter outer I set out details for you. I am not the full set up and tear down crew for the event. Because of all that I have listed I am so busy throughout the day that I cannot do the full set up and tear down. Unless you tell me to do so ahead of time. Last but not least I am your persona assistant.. to a certain extent. If you forgot your lipstick I will run and grab it for you, if your feet hurt I will get your flats. I handle all those little details that may pop up for you personally.  


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